Side Hustle City

S2 - Ep24 - Craig Clickner and Carrie Bohlig wrote the book on side hustles and share what they learned in the process

June 13, 2021 Adam Koehler & Kyle Stevie Season 2 Episode 24
Side Hustle City
S2 - Ep24 - Craig Clickner and Carrie Bohlig wrote the book on side hustles and share what they learned in the process
Show Notes

World Traveling Feminist meets Corporate Risk Analyst

Craig and Carrie are a husband & wife duo, running companies, teaching mindset from their book ‘So You Want to Start A Side Hustle’, having meaningful conversations on their podcast Tandem Talks, traveling the world doing keynotes & growing their non-profit Tandem Giving focusing on advocacy adoption for older children without families. They are a serious side hustle power couple and share their insight with you.

They met as singles while building their own businesses, but their paths to entrepreneurship were very different.

Craig first began to consider creating his own business while working in banking as a risk analyst in 2003. “I had just gotten promoted and, while I was very fortunate, I only got a 2% raise because the company hadn’t performed well that year, even though I did. I realized the corporate world wasn’t going to get me everything I wanted for my life. I needed to diversify.”

Carrie began her business while studying sociology and women’s studies at the University of Wisconsin. Living a modest student lifestyle, she was open to hearing about any opportunity that could earn her extra income. “My friend was excited about his business and, as the daughter of an entrepreneur, I was intrigued.” As graduation approached, she saw her roommates struggle to start their careers and pursue financial stability. “I wanted to have something of my own, and starting my business seemed like a perfect fit for the flexibility I was after.”

Craig and Carrie met a few years later. “We shared a passion for business and liked the flexibility of having a career and a solid second income. It was exciting to build something together,” they add.

The couple appreciates the flexibility their business affords them. It’s also allowed them to focus on philanthropy. “We’re committed to creating an endowment to support leadership and education for other entrepreneurs. It’s the best way to leverage giving,” says Craig.

And as parents, they appreciate creating something meaningful that will outlive them while also inspiring and empowering people around the world. “We only succeed together. That’s the beauty of our business. We’re not in business to make widgets, but to develop and empower people to help themselves. We meet them where they are in life, and can really help make a difference. We’re vested in their success.”

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