Side Hustle City

S2 - Ep47 - Phil & Tiffany Young discuss putting everything on the line to start a daycare business leveraging the sale of another business

November 21, 2021 Adam Koehler with Phil & Tiffany Young Season 2 Episode 47
Side Hustle City
S2 - Ep47 - Phil & Tiffany Young discuss putting everything on the line to start a daycare business leveraging the sale of another business
Show Notes

Phil and Tiffany Young were working in government and as a teacher. Their lives were very typical of many American couples. They were raising four kids and both came from nothing with no idea how to start a business. They did know they wanted more for their future and took advantage of an opportunity when a tanning salon went up for sale.

They both had a passion to start a side hustle and the idea of entrepreneurialism. They took the risk and bought a business with all of their savings.

They worked hard after buying the business, not knowing what the future would hold. It took all their savings so they both were all in as a couple. They were able to leverage that into their passion business. As an educator, Tiffany always knew she wanted to own a daycare an impact the lives of children and their families on a larger scale.

Now as the owners of a very successful business, Young Leaders Daycare,  they look back on the decisions they made and what got them here.

What motivates Tiffany is knowing she is doing what she loves but she's also changing lives. The first 5 years of life are critical in a child’s development, yet formal schooling in the United States does not begin until five years of age.  During these formative years, children develop many of the basic learning patterns and abilities that they will build upon for the rest of their lives.

At Young Leaders Learning Center (YLLC) we strive to expose the children at an early age to knowledge.  This is the basic building block that helps ensure success later in life.  Research astonishingly shows that prediction of children’s reading proficiency in the third grade could be made from their language skills at age 2. Therefore, our program is available to all ages prior to Kindergarten and we use a scientifically based reading research to guide our instructional choices.

Our instruction will include a heavy emphasis on the five components of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary for the older children while fostering the whole child and encouraging positive interactions through play.  Evidence from multiple studies have shown that early book reading and shared reading interventions have a positive effect on later vocabulary and school readiness. Perhaps most important, we will show every effort to connect the home and school through parent communication and involvement.

When you visit Young Leaders Learning Center you will know your child is having fun while learning because they will LOVE our center and so will you!

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