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S4 Ep06 - Colin Yurcisin, serial entrepreneur & author of "GO ALL IN" went from $50K in debt to over $5M in direct sales

February 12, 2023 Adam Koehler & Colin Yurcisin Season 4 Episode 6
Side Hustle City
S4 Ep06 - Colin Yurcisin, serial entrepreneur & author of "GO ALL IN" went from $50K in debt to over $5M in direct sales
Show Notes

In today’s world, it’s easy to get caught up in a prescribed plan, career, and life path. But what happens when you achieve everything you were supposed to and still don’t feel fulfilled? What happens when you realize the nine-to-five grind of traditional work isn’t getting you where you want to go—and need to go, and dream of going? What happens when you’re just really unhappy? Is there a way to change direction? 

Colin Yurcisin, author of GO ALL IN, has done that very thing, and wants to teach our Side Hustle City listeners everything he knows. Colin is the founder and CEO of Leveraged Lifestyle, Leveraged Investments, and Leveraged Mining. After hitting a personal bottom, Colin reignited his dreams and made an amazing two-year journey from being $50K in unpayable debt to producing over $5M in direct sales and starting several seven-figure eCommerce businesses. His secret? Getting in touch with what he loves and doing it for a living.

Remember your dreams? The exotic places you planned to visit? The adventures that called? If you’re living each day to its fullest, mindful of every blessing, then this book is not for you. However, if you’re sleepwalking through life, stuck in a rut, and lost in the dark, then it’s time to GO ALL IN.

In this deeply personal memoir, Colin Yurcisin shares his story and shows you how it could be your story too. Let his journey from days filled with drugs and debt to a life of extreme prosperity and purpose inspire you to dream big again.

GO ALL IN is about so much more than working from nine to five building wealth for someone else. Learn how to master the game. Rekindle the flame of excitement. Rediscover the path you are meant to travel. Reclaim your dreams of making a difference and leaving your mark. You are not helpless. You are not hopeless. You are ready to level up!

Colin found his “why” in content creation and turned it into a life-changing, and life-affirming, success. He’s delighted to talk to you about the initial steps he took to transform his life, and how you can do the same.

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