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S4 Ep19 - Empowering Your Business with Donnie Boivin, Kevin Snow, and Success Champion Networking, and The Champions Summit

May 07, 2023 Adam Koehler & Monica Tuck with Donnie Boivin & Kevin Snow Season 4 Episode 19
Side Hustle City
S4 Ep19 - Empowering Your Business with Donnie Boivin, Kevin Snow, and Success Champion Networking, and The Champions Summit
Show Notes

In this exciting episode of Side Hustle City podcast, we're joined by Donnie Boivin and Kevin Snow, founders of Success Champion Networking, along with Monica Tuck, a member of the group who recommended them for the show. As they gear up for their BIG small business summit, The Champions Summit, in Cincinnati on May 11, our guests share the ins and outs of their innovative online community that's revolutionizing the way business owners network.

Discover how Success Champion Networking offers "Get Shit Done" business owners the opportunity to network smarter, not harder. Tired of time-consuming traditional networking methods? This online platform gives you back valuable time while connecting you with like-minded business owners committed to helping scale and grow your business.

Listen in as Donnie, Kevin, and Monica discuss the benefits of this game-changing approach, including business category exclusivity, access to private online communities, and professional development opportunities. Plus, learn how their virtual networking events and weekly live coaching sessions can help you develop essential skills to grow and scale your business.

In addition to the Success Champion Networking platform, our guests share details about The Champions Summit - an event that kick-starts your journey to build real business freedom and live the life you have envisioned for so long. With NO PITCHING, this event focuses on providing 100% value and tools to help businesses grow and scale faster. Get inspired, challenged, and transformed by powerful addresses, thought-provoking presentations, and networking opportunities with other badass business owners.

Don't miss this engaging conversation that'll inspire you to take control of your networking experience, propel your business forward, and reserve your spot at The Champions Summit! Join us on the Side Hustle City podcast as we dive into the world of Success Champion Networking and The Champions Summit. Get more information and reserve your tickets at

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