Side Hustle City

S2 - Ep 25 - Cassie Hirtle from joins us to discuss making money with virtual kitchen brands

June 20, 2021 Adam Koehler & Kyle Stevie with Cassie Hirtle Season 2 Episode 25
Side Hustle City
S2 - Ep 25 - Cassie Hirtle from joins us to discuss making money with virtual kitchen brands
Show Notes

This week we welcome Cassie Hirtle to talk about how you can make cooking a side hustle. We always want to bring our listeners new and actionable ideas and virtual kitchen brands is no exception.

We all have that one go-to dinner recipe that is a crowd pleaser but easy to make. Imagine being able to turn that recipe into supplemental income, or a full blown business!

For those who haven’t heard yet, a virtual kitchen is a meal service that can be run on your schedule! From your phone at the park, the grocery store, or at home. Cooks prepare family-sized meals in bulk, in an hourly rented kitchen to be delivered or picked up in the afternoon. They can be bought hot or frozen. It’s so simple! And no, you don’t have to be a professional chef.

Cassie is the founder and main creator of HomeBased Classes and also a proud mother of two children. Her husband is with United States Foreign Service so she's building this side hustle from remotely from Mexico. You can follow her travels at @thehirtlesabroad on Instagram.

Cassie knows what it is to need a side-hustle to help get by, but not have very much time to do it in. Shen also knows what it is to have a full-time business needing your attention when other things are pulling you away from it. Addressing these issues is something she has built into her virtual kitchen brands class, and her online community.

Mission and Vision

Cassie's team built the website in order to help people achieve their dreams! Their mission is to help as many people as possible become financially secure and independent, become their own boss, and be able to love their work.

They worked for months to gather all the knowledge and information needed to guarantee the success of her students. Her team has interviewed successful Virtual Kitchen owners to get to the root of their success and understand their profitability. Cassie really believes that honesty and trust is of the upmost importance, and always give her best to clients.

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