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S2 Ep-30 - Gabe Tzeghai, Ph.D. joins us to talk staying healthy through your struggles as a side hustler

July 25, 2021 Adam Koehler & Gabe Tzeghai Season 2 Episode 30
Side Hustle City
S2 Ep-30 - Gabe Tzeghai, Ph.D. joins us to talk staying healthy through your struggles as a side hustler
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Gabe Tzeghai, Ph.D. is co-founder and CEO of Summit Innovation Labs, the maker of OptiCel. He is also an elected member of the prestigious United States National Academy, Bio Medical Engineering Division, for improving global health through inventions, development and commercialization of critical health care products. His leadership experiences in scientific research and business development include over 18 years as Health Care Global Executive at the Procter & Gamble in the US and in international assignments. 

Since his days in graduate school at Columbia University and City University of New York, Dr. Tzeghai wondered why we wait and try to manage symptoms of serious disease like cardiovascular disease (CVD) after the disease sets in the body and not endeavor to prevent it or at least delay the onset of the disease. He was in part motivated by his own family and friends’ history with CVD, which was the number one cause of death then and still even now. The question was what must be true for the scientific and medical community to move from disease management to true health care, prevention?  The answer to this question was to come in multiple parts. First, one needed to define the mechanisms that on set disease at the cellular level, where disease, healing and prevention all start. Second, to develop technologies that holistically and efficiently address all the mechanism that trigger the disease while also at the same time activating our natural abelites to fight diseases; abelites that get undermined by an onset of a disease.  

Over the years he watched and contributed to the progress of medical sciences and health technologies and formulated a vison of what could be. By integrating his years of learning from various sources, he has been able to scientifically define the real causes of the onset of the CVD at a cellular level.

Over the past 7 years prevention became a well-defined mission for Dr. Tzeghai and was fortunately joined by equally motivated prominent cell and nutrition scientists, entrepreneurs and business leaders to organize and formulate a solution on the prevention mission. The team, through open innovation, non-traditional but scientific research and development effort formulated and clinically validated OptiCel as the first-generation product targeted at preventing and early treating onset of diseases. Now, with safety and clinical performance in hand the team is ready to offer this next frontier in medicine to the public. 

“It has now become common sense that only prevention can get us to better quality of life, productively and affordable health care. My team and I are committed to putting science in the services of humanity partnering with any and all that support the mission and start the transition of medicine for current management of disease to true prevention.”  

–Gabe E. Tzeghai, Ph.D. CEO

Gabe's credentials are  impressive:
US National Academy

American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering

Former R&D Executive at P&G

Graduate Degrees: Columbia University and City University of NY

He really wants to help the side

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(Cont.) S2 Ep-30 - Gabe Tzeghai, Ph.D. joins us to talk staying healthy through your struggles as a side hustler