Side Hustle City

S2 - Ep31 - Dominic Rossi and Kent Gray discuss how to be a real estate agent and leveraging that into a side hustle

August 01, 2021 Adam Koehler & Kyle Stevie with Dominic Rossi & Kent Gray Season 2 Episode 31
Side Hustle City
S2 - Ep31 - Dominic Rossi and Kent Gray discuss how to be a real estate agent and leveraging that into a side hustle
Show Notes

Dominic’s Bio:

Dominic did his undergraduate studies at the University of Louisville and got his J.D. at Northern Kentucky University.  Right out of law school, he was introduced to Ken Perry and the mentorship began.  Dominic came aboard as Ken Perry Realty’s General Counsel – a position he held until Perry Real Estate College (PREC) was launched.

Dominic brings an all-world perspective to (PREC), literally. In between commanding the legal demands of a multimillion dollar real estate enterprise, Dominic moved to Spain with his wife, Elizabeth. Although Dominic’s love for travel and curiosity of other cultures took him overseas, he eventually returned home to spearhead PREC’s national expansion as its Chief Executive Officer. If you are inclined to get to work by 7AM, Dominic will be there waiting with a cup of coffee and an action plan.

While Dominic’s background in the legal world makes him a formidable force, his business acumen and devotion to others’ success embodies PREC’s mission: to help students achieve their own goals. Dominic has been a fixture in the real estate world for the better part of the decade. His has helped facilitate deals ranging from a multimillion dollar commercial shopping center delinquent note sale to planning a new subdivision development. While other companies pride themselves on their “secret sauce,” PREC’s special ingredient is apparent by the courses that Dominic personally builds. Dominic’s knack for perfection, even down to minute formatting, paves the way for each PREC student’s path to sustained success.  

Kent’s Bio:

Kent was minding his business in classes at Northern Kentucky University when his professor mentioned that a businessman was hiring someone to work part-time at his real estate school. That businessman turned out to be Ken Perry and he hired Kent on the spot. A mere 10 years later, Kent is now the Chief Operating Officer, as well as an instructor for a myriad of the real estate courses. Kent prides himself on creating and fostering a learning environment that sets every student up for licensure. Kent takes a pragmatic approach to teaching and running the operations of the school by creating personal relationships with each student.

If you call Perry Real Estate College, Kent is likely the person on the other side of that phone. He is well-versed in each state’s path to licensure and his expansive knowledge is on full display in each call he has with his students. He is responsible for the administration of the school, student development, course certification, learning management system development, and any other task fuels a robust operation.

Kent is a versatile team member: he is a certified real estate instructor in Kentucky, Tennessee, and South Carolina; holds a Bachelor of Finance from Northern Kentucky University; and—due to his non-stop phone calls from students—is always in need of a phone charger. 

You probably will not catch him with a blazer on anytime soon, but he is the part of the foundation of this company and without a doubt a seasoned professional in the real estate industry. One overarching theme to PREC’s positive reviews is undeniable, Kent plays a pivotal and intricate role in each students’ education.

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