Side Hustle City

S2 Ep33 - Angela Praksti & Pete Bender discuss starting a new brewery as a side hustle

August 15, 2021 Adam Koehler & Kyle Stevie are joined by Angela Praksti & Pete Bender Season 2 Episode 33
Side Hustle City
S2 Ep33 - Angela Praksti & Pete Bender discuss starting a new brewery as a side hustle
Show Notes

Verge Brewing is a proudly family-owned brewery with neighborhood-level community focus and a leadership group half made up of women. A true side hustle with the people closest to them. We welcome them on the show this week to discuss what motivated them into a side hustle, especially such a large endeavor in manufacturing.

The family's mission is to put excellence into practice through beer that supports a strong community. Their aim is to elevate the neighborhood with excellent beer and excellent community stewardship. Being marketers, they certainly did their research. The area they selected is a brewing desert despite the fact many key indicators say it's the perfect location. One important factor before starting any company is looking at data to determine location. Their research suggested strong family ties, a beer drinking culture in a working class neighborhood with a high level of occupancy.

Once their research was complete the folks at Verge decided on how to present the brand to that demographic. They will provide a place for folks to enjoy time with friends & family in a comfortable, casual atmosphere with great beer and food. Becoming the neighborhood's favorite destination for events, fun with friends, support local causes, and even be that last stop on the way home after a long day at work.

Experience on this team also played a key role in deciding to start a brewery. Their team has been creating craft brews for many years and now they want to share with the community. From their family to yours, Verge Brewing features a strong lineup of staple beers available year-round, beers that rotate with the seasons, and experimental brews we expect will delight. Their focus is to have a mix of options that will span a range of flavor preferences; whether it's hoppy, malty, light, dark, flavorful ales or traditional lagers, we aim to have a selection of beers that has something for everyone.

They come on the podcast to discuss how starting a brewery with family, raising money and doing research have all played into their decisions.

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