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S2 - Ep46 - Alex Allison shares real estate startup wisdom and focus on building a new world for the future of living

November 14, 2021 Adam Koehler & Kyle Stevie Season 2 Episode 46
Side Hustle City
S2 - Ep46 - Alex Allison shares real estate startup wisdom and focus on building a new world for the future of living
Show Notes

A good friend of the show and a key piece to the success of Dotloop joins us this week on the podcast. Alex Allison is the Founder and CEO of the pioneering hospitality brand, D. Alexander, and the Founder and Managing Partner of D. Alexander Capital - together, a vertically integrated real estate investment platform that owns and manages homes in destination-oriented locations, operated with a tech-enabled experience and "radical consistency" from home-to-home.

Recognized for visionary brand building, inventive behavioral and market research, and pioneering economic modeling --  Alex's work is centered around developing, aligning, and forecasting value-equations and evolutionary market forces, for mainstream consumption and adoption. Read some of his visionary thoughts on the asset revolution here and how he believes covid will change travel forever.

Alex got his start in real estate in 2008 as the founding team of Dotloop, where he led the company's marketing, brand, and growth efforts from inception to acquisition by Zillow Group in 2015, and emerging markets up until launching D. Alexander in 2019.

At Dotloop, he was the driving force behind the brand, proving market fit and new revenue creation until the company was acquired.  His marketing vision and leadership drove the company to become the most prominent B2B brand in residential real estate, landing the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine, gaining national media attention from the likes of Forbes, FoxBusiness and the WSJ, and achieving $10M in SaaS ARR through high-growth marketing, bold PR, and world-class branding. He spent 3 years leading new channels of business and emerging markets and built the companies developer platform into one of the most robust real estate integration ecosystem with 60 of the top real estate tech brands in real estate. His expertise includes brand building, growth marketing, large-scale enterprise value-creation, and developing win-win partnership models.

Alex is a distance runner and enjoys discovering unique travel experiences and destinations across the world. He’s a mentor with the leading real estate industry focused VC firms, Moderne Ventures as well as Second Century Ventures NAR Reach and advisor to early-stage companies. Alex studied entrepreneurship at  Northern Kentucky University where he played 4 years of collegiate soccer on one of the top teams in the country.

Alex has written content for Forbes as well as many other channels for real estate thought leadership. You can follow Alex and reach out to him below.

Company website: DA Capital
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Brand website:
Twitter/insta: @staydalexander

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