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Side Hustle City

Adam Koehler & Kyle Stevie

This podcast is for everyone interested in discovering how to get the most out of their talents. Our goal to find folks from all walks of life who have turned their career into something they love. So many of us have a side hustle and many have even turned that into our main hustle. We will share experiences, provide inspiration and lessons learned with each other and make everyone successful. We are dedicated to encouraging and teaching you to leverage your interests or find ones you didn't think of to be more prosperous.
S3 - Ep03 - Want to accelerate your side hustle sales? Stop selling, and start connecting. Brent Keltner, Ph.D. discusses a can't lose method to selling anything and increasing revenue by being problem focused on the client need.January 16, 2022 Episode artwork S3 - Ep2 - How to build a business, gain financial freedom and secure the future of your dreams with Gabe Nelson, author of The Solopreneur’s Money ManifestoJanuary 09, 2022 Episode artwork S1 Ep1 - Let's talk NFT's, Blockchain and Crypto. Is this a fad or the future of how we trade art, digital real estate and other collectibles.January 02, 2022 Episode artwork S2 - Ep52 - Are you a natural leader or startup founder? The answer could be in this test Brad and Vance join us to discuss.December 24, 2021 Episode artwork S2 Ep 51 - Michael Stricker explains how SEO works and how he used it to turn his golf hobby into a legit side hustleDecember 19, 2021 Episode artwork S2 - Ep50 - Sick of high health insurance? John Butler exposes the inefficiencies and explains how the self employed can get it cheaper and even sell it as a side hustleDecember 12, 2021 Episode artwork S2 - Ep49 - Learn how to be a real estate developer or invest as a side hustle with friends Nick & Eric from Winterspring CapitalDecember 05, 2021 Episode artwork S2 - Ep48 - Ben Wolf explains fractional leadership as a side hustle for executives or an affordable way for your startup to quickly gain an experienced advisorNovember 28, 2021 Episode artwork S2 - Ep47 - Phil & Tiffany Young discuss putting everything on the line to start a daycare business leveraging the sale of another businessNovember 21, 2021 Episode artwork S2 - Ep46 - Alex Allison shares real estate startup wisdom and focus on building a new world for the future of livingNovember 14, 2021 Episode artwork S2 - Ep45 - Randy Rutledge defines herself as an "after5preneur" and explains how you can start side hustling after work to earn more money and explore your passionNovember 07, 2021 Episode artwork S2 Ep44 - Jackie Barnes, Interior Designer discusses doing what you love after a career in the corporate worldOctober 31, 2021 Episode artwork S2 - Ep43 - Is the next big trend in live/work actually van life? Join us as Emily Geiger and Summer Crenshaw discuss their new venture studio and travel experience platformOctober 24, 2021 Episode artwork S2 - Ep42 - The team of Ripple joins us to discuss how the sale of their water bottle is building wells and changing the lives of people in UgandaOctober 17, 2021 Episode artwork S2 - Ep 41 - Robert Towle, author of “Don’t Be Dumb” joins us to discuss limiting beliefs and how to stop self-sabotageOctober 10, 2021 Episode artwork S2 - Ep40 - Ash Atkinson discusses the equestrian world and how horses can bring in some serious returns on investmentOctober 03, 2021 Episode artwork S2 - Ep 39 - Nathan Hake joins Side Hustle City to discuss making money farm flipping and leasingSeptember 26, 2021 Episode artwork S2 - Ep38 - Slocomb Reed discusses bouncing around side hustles to finally find success as a real estate investorSeptember 19, 2021 Episode artwork S2 - Ep37 - Branden McAfee joins us to discuss overcoming struggles and helping others get back on track through his credit repair, mentorship and small business servicesSeptember 12, 2021 Episode artwork S2 - Ep36 - Steve Bennett, President of Pilot Lumber discusses leaving his regular job and the process of busying an existing businessSeptember 05, 2021 Episode artwork S2 - Ep35 - Shamus Madan started his investment journey at just 15 and now teaches other young people fiscal responsibility on his popular podcastAugust 29, 2021 Episode artwork S2 - Ep34 - Nick Wade discusses small city economic development and promoting the strong maker community in Covington, KentuckyAugust 22, 2021 Episode artwork S2 Ep33 - Angela Praksti & Pete Bender discuss starting a new brewery as a side hustleAugust 15, 2021 Episode artwork S2 - Ep 32 - Artin Nazarian discusses going from Disney Executive to a full blown side hustler, author and entrepreneur of multiple startupsAugust 08, 2021 Episode artwork S2 - Ep31 - Dominic Rossi and Kent Gray discuss how to be a real estate agent and leveraging that into a side hustleAugust 01, 2021 Episode artwork